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(TSI), a subsidiary of Aboitiz Power, turned over a new Barangay Health Center to Barangay Inawayan, Sta.The former health center of Inawayan is dilapidated and is still in the old location of the barangay hall, which is around 300 meters away,” said Jason C.“It was much more dismaying to me that people behaved in the way he wanted,” she said.

The support you have given to us will never be forgotten,” said Sta. Not only in the employment but also to the local businesses surrounding us,” said Romulo C. The health center is funded by TSI, Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. The IEC roadshow will also be echoed in Barangay Darong in Sta.

Cruz, Davao del Sur and in Barangays Binugao and Sirawan in Toril, Davao City.

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