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The Browning Machine Gun, Model 1917A1, water cooled, 30 cal. I was in H&S Company 81's Platoon as a Forward Observer and work as the Battalion Mail Clerk for a while from 1978 to 1980. Kileen, TX 76541 254-634-4632 [email protected] Back To Top Was with 81mm morters as an a gunner and set up the morter in under 3 seconds with our gunner from PA named Harvey. the old french pos with the cement pond,i have some unit diaries from that time if anyone needs . I saw him in Da Nang at the hospital before being shipped out. I regret not getting names and addresses before getting on the chopper ride to Da Nang from An Hoa... Clymer, to Hill 69, to An Hoa and back to the world in Sep 67. 2/5 set the bar so high that all others could not even come close. I was WIA on August 6, 1968 during an op in the Qang Nam province and medivac to Yokahoma Japan. was still being used by the Marine Corps during the Korean War. Van Aposhian I was a memeber of Weapons 2/5 from May '97 to Nov. Everyone called me Alabama, but my name is Raymond. With h&s co, 2nd bn, 5th mar ist mar div, served in vietnam in 1970 Have small farm in Metamora Mich. I did the westpac to Somalia with some really good guys. "Greatest Years of My Life" 10 Cranberry Court Marlton, NJ 08053 609-760-4152 [email protected] To Top I was battalion surgeon in 1981-2. Semper Fi and welcome home 10508 Meridian Monon, IN 47959 219-253-6753 [email protected] To Top I love 2/5, I even extended for six months in Somolia so I could complete my enlistment with only 2/5, the most decorated unit in the US military. I am a retired police chief having served 28 1/2 years. Eugene, OR 97404 541-689-0336 [email protected] To Top I served with Weapons 2/5 1992 -1996 & 1998 - 2000. I returned to My unit in December, finished my tour and returned home where I was honorably discharged on March 6, 1969.

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We were young and foolish then and made a bad decision to head out alone to catch up with the convoy. We were on that road by ourselves from An Hoa until we got to the Liberty Bridge.

4627 21st Drive West San Jose, CA 95132 [email protected] To Top I served in Weapons Company from 1996 to 2000 and wanted a way to keep up with the movements of my unit. 3900 Lomaland Drive San Diego, CA 92106 858-342-9706 [email protected] To Top I served with 2/5 H&S co. He passed away and we want to know about alot of items he had kept from then. [email protected] To Top I am a Korean War Marine Corps Veteran of The Chosin Reservoir, Korea. Not A Day Goes By That I don't Think Of All Hell And Good Times We Went Through From Okinawa, Korea, Diego Garcia, P. Rich and I were in An Hoa one evening and were late to catch up with the convoy heading back to Da Nang. I would appreciate input from those Marines who served in the Arizona, Hill 69, etc. The companies rotated in and out of the Arizona and did some outstanding thinks that most of us don't know about, good or bad!

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more» Burlington Women’s Rugby Team members and USA Rugby’s Try On Rugby initiative bring Rookie Rugby to Essex Junction.

They will have a morning swim program, weekly feld trips, group activities, arts, sports, and outdoor experiences for all.