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However, I'm not sure if it is all about money like it is with shallow American Woman. Here are some more: - Target ladies who are mid-late 20s (or perhaps a very mature early 20s). Philippines: provinces, select urban girls, girls sincerely involved with the church b.

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So you wanna go for a 'what you see is what you get' case. China down-to-earth non-materialistic types from second to fourth tier backgrounds, also some cultural and language issues might be at play - Avoid Thailand - If you bring them back to States, you increase risk of a future problem in most cases.

But it can be doable - If you want more advice on Filippinas, correspond with our resident posters who married them - Davewe, Outwest, Pete - If you want more advice on Chinese, correspond with Kai1275 - If you want more advice on Vietnam girls, contact Falcon - You might spread your net to include serious Christian girls from S. But those countries are very developed with low birthrates so it's not as easy. The youngest, sexiest Filipinas will usually screw you around so its better to choose an average looking woman.

My last girlfriend was Chinese and she was definitely, better than a lot of girls in the states but she was still very immature acting and very materialistic.

What are the countries with the nicest women who are not materialistic and selfish? Do you need to be rich to get a foreign girl interested in you and to marry her? And yes, I know it would be better to move to another country and marry there but that is not an option. I'm 35, decent looking and have a personality women really seem to like.

Oh and I also had a question on South Korean women.