Game playing in dating site

We test dozens of casinos every month, so don't waste your time trying to apply this strategy manually on any online casinos which aren't on this list – or even worse, at those offline casinos! Unless you already know about this flaw, it's virtually impossible to find, which is why the casinos we list don't know about it yet.

As casinos find out about these exploits, they'll fix them: but don't worry!

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If you play it smart and do it this way, your account won't be flagged and you'll be fine. $770 in cash, done using our roulette exploit system in just 2 days: We collect another $2,200 in just 4 days!

In just 1 week later our buddy Steven won another HUGE chunk of CASH: Impressive, huh?

The odds are about – that's a 2.7% house advantage, because of the existence of Yes. If at any point the wheel settles on zero you must start again and wait for eight consecutive spins of the same color. The online casinos we will list have this simple exploit which allows you win through patience and cunning.

But we must warn you: you must stay below the radar.

There will always be exploitable casinos because new amateur online gaming sites pop up all the time.