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The Eclipse Foundation will take ownership of many aspects of the project to ensure that the project and its assets are managed in an open and vendor-neutral manner.This takes the form, for example, of the Eclipse Foundation retaining ownership of the project’s trademarks on behalf of the community, and carefully managing who has write access on project resources such as source code repositories and distribution channels.The project team is responsible for determining development methodology, establishing plans, etc.

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It’s also important to know what new projects don’t give up.

The project team retains control of the project’s direction by virtue of regular contribution to the project.

The project is open to all; Eclipse provides the same opportunity to all.

Everyone participates with the same rules; there are no rules to exclude any potential contributors which include, of course, direct competitors in the marketplace. The more that somebody contributes, the more responsibility they will earn.

(IP) is any artifact that is made available from a Eclipse server (this includes source code management systems, the website, and the downloads server).