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However, up to 3 cops can assist in the arrest and multiply the speed at which a player is arrested.

Evading Police Once the cops have lost sight, you're subject to a cool-down and staying out of sight just like when you have a wanted level normally. Police players will also be able to use a helicopter for extended range and co-pilots can spot players and mark them on the radar for all other officers to see.

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However, most meets can appear bland, even with 30 flashy cars.

I feel areas populated with souped up cars and a few NPCs performing ambient activities/animations and admiring cars as well as stalls to buy unique clothing and rare car parts that differ contents between meets will be quite the incentive to bring players in and park up whether you're rolling up with your crew or on your own and looking to jump into a meet up.

These illicit car meets would occur at night throughout LS in free mode(one in an different location every night), with road blocks at least a block in every direction of the meet to stop traffic moving through; giving space outside of the parking area to play around with i.e.

street drifting, street race start, drag racing etc.

To give chase you'll have to witness the opposing player in the act of committing a crime whether that be while you're stationary and monitoring speed (in which case you may catch them speeding), on patrol and catch them shooting at another player or even holding up a liquor store.