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If Latricia had drunk in the cellar, she will accept to slide off her dress too.

As previously, she may appear naked (need flattered=3).

i keep getting "page not found" errors, any suggestions?

i love the games from that site, but i find them very buggy.

The story is intriguing and as always, gameplay is simple enough to keep you interested. In the castle cellar, get her to drink by arguing that she`s untouchable as being the count`s daughter. In the castle battlements, take a walk along the ramparts and compliment her on her beauty. In the town inn, sit by the fire and kiss her neck. In the inn on the road, chat about her fortune and encourage her to buy this inn (you can eather flatter or dare her). In the castle sparring room, have a duel with the instuctor and never yield. In town, try some archery and send the arrow to the bull`s-eye (target the top point of the white circle). In town, have a short walk and yell to scare the dog that frightens her. In the town inn, escape from her guard Nelena (distract her attention to the floor right when she tries to block the exit). In the inn on the road, challenge the bartender to a drinking contest (drink exactly 5 times and then yield) 6.