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We would talk about parts of the real story that seemed stimulating, then I would go away and revise a certain section. Several months before our first rehearsal, Clive Owen and Jin Ha and our whole cast got together for a twenty-nine-hour workshop over four days to really investigate the script. Jen: You mentioned Julie’s role in aiding you in this process. I mean, thirty years ago I didn’t know that the term transgender existed.I’m writing this piece for director and co-founder] P. We’re so much more aware of nonconforming gender identities and different forms of gender expression now.

Was there a piece of the story that was new to you or missing that you knew you now had to include?

David: No, because I didn’t know that I was necessarily going to revise the show until we started thinking seriously about this particular revival.

I knew that would involve having a bold new approach to the production, and I came to realize that I also wanted to look at the text again.

Jen: This is not the first piece you’ve revised, is that correct? I’ve been lucky to get to a stage in my life where some of my early shows are being revived in New York.

Tony Kushner was visiting my class at Columbia the other week (Tony knows so much more than I do), and he mentioned that there were four versions of , I read a while ago that there had been new letters discovered between the two real life parties that the play is based on.