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As such, parents can see it as an opportunity to search the unrestricted web since there are no content filters.

Teens can use the setting to restrict access to the "rooms" they create or make them public.

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Parents need to know that Airtime - Group Video Chat is a social media app that allows users to share video, music, and images from popular websites such as You Tube and Spotify with one another in real time, all while sending text messages and live video and audio at the same time.

It has most of the same features as other video-chat platforms but with the added twists of letting users watch videos and listen to music from across the web together.

Content gets stacked on top of content, and it's all a bit of a jumble.

After some practice, pretty easy to quickly get to the point where you're watching videos or listening to music with friends.

The humanized response might be along the lines of: “you’re five degrees above average, but it’s a hot day outside, you’re ok”.