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They’ve rewired their brains to crave the instant gratification of a porn-enabled orgasm and accustomed themselves to an intense type of physical stimulation that isn’t easily replicable during partnered intercourse.” Kerner stresses he’s neither anti-masturbation nor anti-porn, but he does think both can become problematic.

He’s even dubbed an acronymed term for the syndrome: (SADD).

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” “Should I stop masturbating the way I have been since I was 13?

“Have I been masturbating the same way since I was 13? ” “Shouldn’t I be more focused on getting laid with someone other than myself?

I pan the room, searching for anything remotely risqué, but find only that day’s local newspaper, featuring a group of cheerful retirees on the cover. “First things first: We need to work on slowing you Vanessa Marin, the female orgasm whisperer mentioned above, also urges her male clients to slow the fuck down.

So I opt for the ol’ reliable: An internal spankbank of exes and past hookups, which works miraculously well. “If you masturbate in under a minute every time you’re training your body that’s what the orgasm process is like.

But that’s where we both have a seat and I proceed with my first question: “What’s the most common thing you hear from your clients? ’ I get that all the time,” Ed responds without hesitation.

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