Offline updating of microsoft security essentials

For more information on how to verify the engine version number that your software is currently using, see the section, "Verifying Update Installation", in Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 2510781. Affected Software The following table provides an exploitability assessment of the vulnerability addressed in this advisory. Use this table to learn about the likelihood of functioning exploit code being released within 30 days of this advisory release.

In order to be effective in helping protect against new and prevalent threats, antimalware software must be kept up to date with these updates in a timely manner.

For enterprise deployments as well as end users, the default configuration in Microsoft antimalware software helps ensure that malware definitions and the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine are kept up to date automatically.

Why is typically no action required to install this update?

In response to a constantly changing threat landscape, Microsoft frequently updates malware definitions and the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine.

The exact time frame depends on the software used, Internet connection, and infrastructure configuration.