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Most areas of the collection are Designated as being of national importance, and it includes the finest collection of Pre-Raphaelite art in the world.

Explore Art features a selection of images from our Fine Art collection for you to discover and enjoy.

Benjamin Joyes, representing the Spanish authorities, said: 'We are opposing bail in the most strenuous of terms.'This is an arrest warrant for Spain described as being a member of a terrorist organisation.'In short these offences relate to what in this country fall under dissemination of terror material and encourage others to commit terror.'It is alleged that the requested person with several others as a member of an organisation gave support to the terrorist organisation Islamic State by means of propaganda and incitement of new members to join the organisation.'He produced audio visual material for the recruitment of jihadis on his You Tube channel for indoctrination and posted symbols and banners for Islamic State on social media.

Mr Benjamin added: 'The requested person stated that he is a frequent traveller and goes to Belgium regularly.' Anti-terror police used a European arrest warrant to detain Chadlioui in the early hours of Wednesday morning in the Sparkhill area of Birmingham as part of a wider investigation into support for ISIS.

Strengths include: The Ancient Near East Collection has some 7,000 items from the Neolithic to the period of Islamic conquest in the 7th century AD.