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I do think straight guys do gay porn for money though. In America, sad desperate hot straight guys know there's better ways of scoring quick cash that doesn't involve their straight friends making fun of them.

I'm sure there are FEW exceptions, but every time I hear someone say "straight guys do gay porn for the money," I think they're lying or naive.

What you guys are confusing is real sex versus filmed sex. he would brag to us how much he made, but then had to go back and do more b/c he was in so much debt from the irs and wasting it on shit.

he is also very sensitive about the subject and cannot even take a joke about it.

Also the whole thing sounded like a memo he learned off by heart, probably the same memo Sean Cody give all their whores to recite. Seeing if it was worth it to help me through my senior year in college. I know I know, I'm a plant, I'm deluded, I've been lied to -- I'm just passing on what I've been told.