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Since the inherent uncertainty of the JPL ephemeris for most of its time range is a lot greater, the Swiss Ephemeris should be completely satisfying even for computations demanding very high accuracy.(Before 2014, the Swiss Ephemeris was based on JPL Ephemeris DE406. The time range of the DE4 BC to 3000 AD or 6000 years.

We had extended this time range to 10'800 years, from BC to .

The Swiss Ephemeris Professional Edition can be purchased from Astrodienst for a one-time fixed fee for each commercial programming project. All actual software and data are found in the public download area and are to be downloaded from there.

The core part of Swiss Ephemeris is a compression of the JPL-Ephemeris DE431, which covers roughly the time range 13’000 BCE to 17’000 CE.

They must be 2014 or later.)Each Swiss Ephemeris file covers a period of 600 years; there are 50 planetary files, 50 Moon files for the whole time range of almost 30’000 years and 18 main-asteroid files for the time range of 10'800 years.