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He mentioned that when he put the pic up Although I agree has been interesting to see him wearing the glasses more frequently.Oscar , The very attractive and talented Sandra Mikolaschek, a paralympic table tennis player from Germany, who wears quite strong glasses: more pictures of her online. talks about deciding to wear glasses in competition: tried contacts, she explained, but they made my eyeballs dry, and when I got stuff in my eyes, I had to take them out and put them back in.

Top free dating sites 2012 uk men's basketball

She's obviously very myopic, in the -20 something range but I wonder if she has any other visual impairment.

Her eyes are quite large and turn in slightly and in one newspaper article she was described as suffering from "extreme myopia" but no other mention of her vision was made.

Some eyewear operation should sign her up as a model and spokesperson. Tony , As if proof was needed that girls with glasses are the best, Belgium's leading tennis GWG Kirsten Flipkens just beat Venus Williams in the first round of the Olympic Tennis while wearing her amazing Oakley glasses with a frame in the colours of the Belgian flag.

Michelle Wie , https:// J/ https:// UG4XBJ-v U/ https:// P-c Un J-rt/ https:// Ai20m J-r H/ https:// UBw8p-v D/ https:// Rhrvkp-m8/ https:// Kv-hlp-j L/ c , https:// S7Js-J-rf/ https:// CUoa Cp-ht/ https:// Rfq Jq J-q A/ https:// J-o Q/ https:// APJ-ms/ c , Michelle Wie: https:// ODJ-o D/? She has a mild to moderate minus prescription but the frames are just amazing.

Would extreme myopia be enough to earn a Paralympic classification?